Suzuki Xbee concept

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its 45th Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) lineup, and it's packed with a fleet of kei cars (small boxy Japanese car) and hot motorcycles. Everything looks rad based on the photos but one little biggie stands out. It's the Xbee Concept – and there's 3 of them.

Aesthetically, the word ‘cute’ isn’t the most ideal way to describe this concept. Aside from being too adorable, the vehicle sports an SUV appeal. This Xbee (cross-bee) is described by Suzuki as a compact crossover wagon that falls straight down on a new genre. We wonder what might that mean but just by looking at it, we can tell it's a kei car that's taking an image of a much bigger SUV from Toyota – any guess?

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 Xbees bound to show up on the 27th of October to 5th of November at the Tokyo Big Site. The Japanese automaker will bring in the Xbee base, the Outdoor Adventure, and the Street Adventure variants. They all offer the same exterior kits; the only thing we know different about them for now are the trims and color.

Exterior design of the Xbee Concept features the expected boxy style of Japanese kei cars with round headlamps and 2-tone finish. There are anodized-silver accents on the front bumper, grille, and headlamps, which add charisma on the front fascia. The body then flashes with its yellow paint job, as the roof and side mirrors were coated in black.

Not a fan bright colors? The Xbee Outdoor Adventure's faux wood decal on the sides could be a thing for you. This finish, alongside the white roof and side mirror covers, gives the retro 'wagon' impression to the small crossover. Suzuki claims that this variant's design was achieved to go well with nature and the great outdoors.

The Xbee Street Adventure, on the other hand, boasts a glossy black body with yellow accents on the lower bumper, wheels, and the side. The same white roof and side mirror covers on the Outdoor variant covers the top of the Xbee Street. This combination enables the car to blend in with the city streets and fit the driver's urban lifestyle. 

However, we can't detail the cabin out yet as Suzuki hasn't revealed any shots of it as of the moment. The only thing that's been laid out was that the Xbee Concept has a "spacious SUV-like cabin." We can only expect it looks exactly laid out as how it’s read.

On the other hand, power output from the Xbee have not been disclosed yet. We promise to keep you posted once the interior and technical updates surface out before the show.

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