Toyoda Gosei Flesby II

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show continues to excite fans and enthusiasts all over the world as participating brands release their lineups. We've seen the sleek and the aggressive, the retro-inspired, and the futuristic, then there's this strange pod-looking vehicle from Toyoda Gosei. 

The exterior is green and bubbly, which makes it look like the Pokemon of cars. Kidding aside, the gelatinous-looking exterior is actually rubber and Toyoda Gosei, a company that supplies rubber and plastic automotive parts, has a good reason why. While other car manufacturers pour time in developing exterior airbags, like the one from Mercedes-Benz, the Flesby II is made up of e-Rubber exterior to absorb impact with pedestrians.

According to Toyoda, the e-Rubber is an advance grade of rubber that moves with electric power, and can potentially change the shape of a car's body in the future – how cool is that? 

The Flesby II has a pod-like interior which features soft-texture materials. Among the things worth mentioning is the LED lighting, which elevates the cabin's ambience. This lighting is also utilized with the communication function between the occupants and the vehicle. 

Aside from the Flesby II, Toyoda Gosei will be showcasing the next-generation front module of automobiles. This include a plastic body, cameras integrated on the grille and other exterior components of the vehicle, as well as millimeter wave radar for autonomous driving. Along with this is a cockpit module concept with Human-Machine Interface (HMI) function.

Lastly, a wire frame model would be displayed to easily demonstrate the material and the location of each features found on the car.

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