Geely Okavango Front Grille

Geely is a brand in the Philippines known for its extremely good value for money and its good-looking vehicles. With mild turbocharged motors and mild-hybrid powertrains, the Geely brand is a Chinese powerhouse that is capable of building some impressive automobiles for a price that won’t break the bank. 

Straight from the Geely Auto Group, Zeekr is a newly launched brand that will be making a name for itself in the competitive global electric vehicle (EV) market. It appears that the brand will be aiming for other EV giants like Tesla on the world stage. 

This isn’t the first time that Geely is diving into EVs. Lynk & Co and Volvo are also under the Geely Auto Group’s umbrella, which means that the Zeekr brand is set up for success, thanks to already established expertise of the Geely Group. 

Zeekr won’t be just another EV manufacturer as some reports claim. The brand is developing its own battery technology, battery management systems, and electric motors. These bespoke components will find their way into Zeekr products, and if Geely’s quality is an indication, we can expect great amounts of capability and quality from the in-house development team. On top of that, the company stated that over-the-air updates will be available for its cars for the various software elements in the vehicle. 

The first batch of Zeekr EVs is scheduled for delivery in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Geely Holding will be responsible for the production of Zeekr vehicles, and the brand plans to launch a new model annually over a 5-year period. Of course, the first market that will receive Zeekr vehicles is China. After the initial steps, Zeekr will go global and meet the international demand for EVs.

As far as the model is concerned, Zeekr EVs will launch later this year, however, details about the brand’s first offering are sparse, but moving forward, we could see the Zeekr brand make waves as EVs are getting more and more commonplace around the world. 

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