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2017 Mercedes-Benz B Class B 180 Urban

A hybrid between a sports hatch and an MPV, this Sports Tourer is ready to take the whole gang on a weekend getaway.

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There are cars that are meant for the family, some are for weekend getaways, then there's the Mercedes-Benz B Class that's meant for both. It looks like a below average Mercedes, but it's only because its brothers are too damn good looking. If compared to competition, well, it's a lot of steps above. Clean lines, emphasized grille, muscular arcs, and a spacious boot will make your kids proud when you use it to take them to school. 

You can have a little fun too since it has 122 horsepower and a 7-gear Dual Clutch Transmission. Learn more about the Mercedes Benz B Class B180 in the video above.

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