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2019 Hyundai Kona Review - Behind the Wheel

A 2.0L in a subcompact, and it’s also a crossover? What could be wrong with it?

The Hyundai Kona, subcompact crossover that is our star in today’s episode of Behind the Wheel. Come with us on a tour of the crossover’s exterior, interior, and features to see if this high riding subcompact is right for you. 

Even before it even has a single kilometer on its odometer, the car is already well-travelled. With a Belgian designer, a South Korean or Chinese manufacture, face still makes it all the way to the Philippines. Released to the public back in 2017, the Hyundai Kona sports bright colors and youthful styling fit for today’s generation.

In the video, we have a Kona in the 2.0L GLS trim. It comes in acid yellow, and instead of melting your face off, it turns your attention towards it. An array of DRLs, projector halogens, and fog lamps in the bottom greet you as you stare down this modern crossover. Couple that with a bevy of black accents that further give the facia angularity, and you have yourself something that resembles the Nissan Juke – at least to Caco. 

Walk from the front to the side, and you may notice that black plastic make an appearance almost everywhere on the car. Go to the rear and open the boot, and you get 330 liters of cargo space. Fold down the rear seats – and hopefully not your passengers, and you are greeted with over a thousand liters. 

The engine is where the Kona makes its mark. While other rivals of the same size sport engines that are under 2.0L, the Kona maxes it out, sporting a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Why go small, when you can go big and go home – quickly. 

Everything is all well and good on the Hyundai Kona, except maybe one thing, and it’s a major item that we believe is important when one finds themselves stuck in Metro Manila traffic. Nevertheless, P1,118,000 is the price to acquire this particular variant of the Kona.  

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