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2019 Nissan Patrol – Media Drive

Off-roading has never been this luxurious.

Put the 2019 Nissan Patrol on the infamous list of cars the motoring media wants to test, but no units are available. Put it on yet another list where we envy the PSG on getting first dibs all these years. Well, newly-minted Nissan Philippines Inc president Atsushi Najima has changed all of that, and we couldn’t be happier.

The drive in the Nissan Patrol saw us head up and down the mountain roads – from Manila, Cavite, Tagaytay, all the way to Talisay, and a short stint off-road. It was a perfect combination of tarmac and dirt, throughout changing weather conditions. The mammoth-sized SUV with its equally massive engine carried us about without hiccups or complaints, on a bed of smoothness that could have Aladdin switching rides.

Inclines and dips, coupled with puddles courtesy of the heavens was child's play for the Patrol. At a crawl or at speed, I'm rather sad it was the shortest part of the drive because really, taking a luxury SUV off-road is always a plus.

2019 nissan patrol media drive

The rear cabin is well equipped to say the least, with a great selection of leather all around the automobile, and an air conditioning system that blankets the entire compartment. An experience comparable to a business class flight, it’s hard not to wonder why you haven’t taken flight.

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility is accompanied by a Hydraulic Body-Motion control on the Patrol, which reduces body lean while turning for a more comfortable ride, none so more apparent than on twists and turns at speed while carving through mountain passes.

The 7-seater luxury SUV has room for an entourage and a whopping V8, two features that should have it out the door faster than than the media can write about it. The cherry though has got to be the price. The land yacht is pegged at under P4-million, possibly enough to score it a trifecta.

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