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A trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, and a glimpse into the future of Mobility, courtesy of Nissan.

Nissan Philippines booked a flight to bring Caco and Vincent to the land of the rising sun in order to see what the company is working on for the future of the automotive industry. While there, the pair got a chance to see new EVs, hybrids and a closer look at the Nissan Terra’s technology. 

Empowering today’s motorists with tomorrow’s technology, Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility aims to bring driver assist features to keep you safe and sound during the everyday grind. Caco and Vincent present you an exclusive look at Nissan’s headquarters, history and Intelligent Mobility; and how it is shaping the way the company’s new and upcoming cars.  

Right off the bat, we welcome you to the Land of the Rising Sun and home of Godzilla, Japan. We head to the Nissan museum where we learn just a bit more about Nissan’s heritage, and the company’s current and future developments for their vehicles. We begin with a tour of the company’s long and illustrious history of building cars. 

From their early trucks from the 1930s, a Nissan Safari with a bit of an easter egg was spotted on camera. Going all the way to their current lineup of vehicles, such as the Nissan Terra, the Chief Engineer of the midsize SUV and Navarra’s development, Hironori Awano, shared with us the testing and development process that the vehicles have gone through. Even more information was presented to us, such as the wading depth capability of the vehicle. To top it all off, we see how Nissan plans to shape the future of automobiles with their current and upcoming lineup. Concept cars which we hope will be seen in our roads in the future are being developed in Japan, for a future that will hopefully be filled with Intelligent Mobility solutions from Nissan. 

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