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The Philippines happens to be an archipelago composed of more than 7,100 islands full of magnificence and wonder waiting to be explored. Setting a desired destination enables you to seek and grasp over countless possibilities, but what really does count is the journey itself from point A to point B. That said, you’ll be needing a suited vehicle that would manage to accommodate you and your family (or any of your companions) throughout your journey ahead. And, one of the best family vehicles you can buy today is the Ford Everest. Engineered to be extraordinary, the Ford Everest is a certified family hauler that can bring at most seven people from the daily city driving to the extremely exciting ride such as off-roading. 

Up for good adventure, together with Ford Philippines, we took off to drive the Everest to the ATV Adventure Park in Antipolo, Rizal. The ride, that stretched from Makati to EDSA, up to Marcos Highway, became comfortable (and the traffic was bearable) while inside the Everest. Boasting a roomy interior space, we were a total of five people that fit quite easy inside the Everest, along with a few bags placed on the rear cargo with the 3rd row seats up, since one wanted a personal bench all to himself.

While cruising through, we’ve noticed that being one the most technologically packed in its class, the Everest surely delivered in terms of in car entertainment and safety. With Ford’s SYNC 3, the passengers are provided with the much needed in-car-entertainment experience through music streaming via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, quite an escape from the state of boredom.

Safety has also been a key selling point for the Everest, given its generous amount of advanced driver-assistance system such as an all-around proximity sensors, blind spot monitors, pre-collision mitigation and many more.

After almost one and half hours, we arrived at the ATV Adventure Park filled with excitement. All geared up, and aptly oriented about the park’s rules and regulations, we then went to learn from a quick demo on off-roading basics.

We then set to spin with seven ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle) that drove in convoy including two tour guides. We first tackled those smooth concrete roads with ease and confidence, reaching those unpaved terrains had somehow lessen our confidence due to the lack of traction.

Thankfully each one was able to keep up despite of the frugal road conditions ahead, composing of dry and wet soul as well as rocks which could trigger the ATV’s cruising momentum. Plus, the ATVs are not that easy to turn, perhaps you’ll need to speed up or at least exert that extra force with your arms.

Going through those obstacles were indeed worth it, as we get to explore several areas of Antipolo which happens to capture the hearts of many travelers. We were greeted with a panoramic view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range which happens to be the longest mountain range in the Philippines, stretching from Cagayan until the province of Quezon. We also reached the Ten Commandments Monument, where it was claimed to be the current world record holder for the largest 10 Commandments in the world. 

As capable as the park’s ATVs, the Ford Everest can also be your reliable partner during your planned adventures, even in rocky roads and tough terrains. Loaded up with such tech features and a beating heart which delivers immediate power, it truly stands out among the hearts of many. Quite a practical choice for families, the Ford Philippines usually give great offers with the Everest. In fact, it is currently on employee discount promo (yes, it’s extended) until December 31, 2018 (as of writing).

Bottomline wise, the whole experience proves to us that the Ford Everest does not only showcase its drooling aesthetics, but it also manages to perform its true function as a certified family car, may it be for the usual daily drive or exciting journeys like off-roading.

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