2017 Toyota 86 860 special edition

About to make you drool is the 860 special edition of the 2017 Toyota 86 with fresher exterior styling, updated features, and upgraded performance. However, you need to settle down as this limited edition 86 is not yet confirmed to arrive in Manila.

Now going back, the Toyota 86 860 special edition’s Supernova Orange exterior paint is a head-turner on its own; what more with the black racing stripes that stretches from the bumper all the way to the trunk. To pump up more hype, Toyota equips the vehicle with a black-painted rear spoiler and a restyled underbody panel; all of which sit on 17-inch alloy wheels. In addition, a Halo White finished 860 will also available.

Behind doors, the Japanese sports coupe is said to fuse in luxury and performance. It has black leather seats with orange stitching to match the special paint color. Moreover, each 860 special edition models feature an exclusive center console in order to stand out from the regular spec 86.     

For added technology, Toyota says the vehicle will be equipped with a 4.2-inch display screen, that would show vital information like horsepower, torque, ambient and oil temperatures, and fuel consumption (MPG). The dash will also be having a G-force meter and integrated stopwatch.

Entering the vehicle in a rush is not a problem as the 860 edition is equipped with touch-activated door unlock, while ignition is made even easier with a smart key with push-start button. 

Toyota handed no details about what lies under the hood. This could mean that the 860 special edition model is powered by the 2.0L gasoline engine of the current 86. Generated power output of the 6-speed manual Toyota 86 is at 205 hp and 211 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the 6-speed automatic drops 5 hp.

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