Hyundai Venue Concept Sketches

The Hyundai Venue is coming to the states later this month, with the unveiling of Hyundai’s newest model set to happen at the New York Auto Show on April 17, 2019 10:45 AM, eastern time. The new cousin of the Kona will be unveiled in a livestream for all the world to see. 

Accompanying the announcement are two pictures; both of them are sketches of the Venue’s exterior and interior. Hyundai has not yet released any photos of the unit in the metal, possibly to keep the audience's curiosities high as the unveiling draws close. 

Looking at the Venue’s external sketch reveals a few things. The snub nosed hood indicates that it will be a city slicking crossover with generous amounts of ground clearance. Possibly smaller or as big as the Kona, the Venue seems to share some of Hyundai’s signature styling. The pentagonal grille of the Korean car manufacturer makes another appearance on this model’s sketch, so do the slim DRL clusters that Hyundai has been known to put on its cars. Below them are what appear to be the headlights or fog lights, we are not sure yet if Hyundai will opt to have a separate housing for its main lights, but if the Kona is anything to go by, the DRL system and lighting system will most likely be a separate cluster. 

Taking a look at the side, and there are two character lines. The most prominent is at the vehicle’s beltline that moves all the way up to the hood of the car in an uninterrupted crease. Another character line extends from each individual wheel arch from the front and the rear arches. The rear roofline appears to be partially cut, with the model sporting a diagonally cut glass that gives the model a little more style. 

2020 Hyundai Venue Concept Sketches

Moving over to the interior and one can fine a two tone leather dashboard with a head unit that is displaying the Apple CarPlay interface. The unit is also a touch screen since there are no buttons on the sides of the display. The steering wheel also appears to be a relative of the current steering wheel that you can find on the new Hyundai Reina. The seats appear to have two colors on them as well. The sketch does not make the distinction of it being clad in leather upholstery, but with some speculation, one can infer that the Venue might be available with soft touch premium materials and a leather interior on higher trim levels as is the case with a lot of the cars in this body style. 

We still have to see what engine options will be made available for this crossover. The 1.4L from the Reina is the minimum that we would expect. Possibly the 1.6L 4-cylinder from the base Elantra may be offered as standard. We do not know yet, but we would like to see Hyundai release a diesel variant that uses the same engine as the Hyundai Accent, but then again, if the Kona’s 2.0L makes it to this model, we wouldn’t have any gripes about it either. 

As we continue to speculate, and as the event draws closer and closer, we also have to ask whether Hyundai will be bringing this model over to the Philippines. Considering that the Kona is already a compelling package, what more could the Korean brand gain from bringing over a similarly sized subcompact crossover here? Perhaps a takedown model or a premium diesel option? Let’s hope for the best. 

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