2018 Suzuki Jimny fails Euro NCAP crash test

Earlier in June 2018, a news from Japanese brand Suzuki shook the SUV market. Images of the 2019 Jimny hit the world wide web and people went crazy for it. Why not, though? It’s got this badassery sprinkled all over it, not to mention that it looks heck of a lot like a miniature Hummer and G-Class combined. 

However, there’s no keeping a blind eye on the latest news about it. One of the most hyped vehicles this year, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny, got a mediocre rating at the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) crash test. The ‘mini Hummer-ish/G-Class-y' Suzuki SUV was only able to secure three stars, with the adult occupant protection garnering a significantly low score. 

According to Euro NCAP, the Jimny only scored 73% in adult occupant protection. There was “insufficient pressure in the driver’s airbag, failing to prevent it from ‘bottoming out’.” This causes the head to make contact with the steering wheel and we’re sure no one wants that to happen. Right?

“The score for the head was penalized for the behavior of the airbag and the displacement of the steering wheel, and protection for this part of the body was rated as marginal. The passenger compartment was extensively deformed in the offset test, especially around the door-frame and the score for the driver's chest was penalized for this unstable collapse.”

While the driver is facing a probable great threat, the children occupant protection gets adequate score, while on-road collision gets pretty mixed result. Euro NCAP stated that while the hood seems to be doing its job during collision, the front part and A-pillars got poor results due to them being stiff. Same as when hitting pedestrians, the bumper did well for the legs but the pelvis protection is low.

It isn’t that we despise the car now, it still looks as if we’re going to have so much fun with it. The only thing is that don’t ever attempt to crash or recklessly drive it (which you obviously shouldn’t do) or else suffer the same fate as with the crash test dummies. We hope Suzuki employs further improvements on the 2019 Jimny to get this one sorted out.

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