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One thing we drivers hear every now and then is to not use our mobile phones while behind the wheel. Although a lot of people know the dangers of it and the fact that it’s already outlawed, yet they still think that it’s okay.

Well, Ford Philippines is here with a stern reminder backed by studies that will hopefully stop you from texting while driving. 

According to a research by the American Psychological Association (APA), the brain has difficulty in processing two tasks at the same time. It also states that the brain can switch between tasks but at a slower pace meaning drivers, no matter how skilled they are, can’t fully concentrate on both tasks.

Further studies reveal that drivers cut their field of vision by as much as 50% when they get distracted. This means important objects ahead can be missed out, such as traffic lights, pedestrians, and other obstacles.

When you’re using 85 percent of your brainpower to drive, your mind isn’t capable of doing much else. Regardless of whether you’re a professional or new to the road – you will be a safer driver if you understand how much of your brain you’re using just to drive the car.

Did you know that there are four types of driver distractions?

  1. Visual – an action that would take the eyes of the driver away from the road.
  2. Auditory – loud music that may flush out important sounds such as a car’s horn, engine noise, or even people’s voices.
  3. Manual – an action that would take the driver’s hands off the wheel such as eating and drinking.
  4. Cognitive – fatigue, causing diminished concentration.

Here’s a not so surprising fact – using your mobile phone while driving ticks all four driver distractions. Sadly, even though people, more specifically drivers, are aware of the dangers these are ignored by many.

In fact, a study by Ford Motor Company found out that 43% of parents in the Asia Pacific region have admitted to have had an accident or near miss due to distracted driving. More than half used their mobile phones even if they were aware of the risks and/or when they have “precious cargo” such as their own child in the car. Among the participants of the survey, mobile phone usage topped as the number one in-car distraction.

Good thing Ford has a bunch of technology that will help people drive safely such as the SYNC hands-free that connects your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system and control it via voice command. There are also other driver-assist technologies found in the brand’s Ford Co-Pilot 360 suite such as pre-collision assist, automatic emergency braking, and lane center assist that will help keep drivers and pedestrians alike safe. These technologies are found in the Ford Everest and the 2019 Mustang.

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