Geely Coolray retains its title as top-selling subcompact crossover in July

Based on CAMPI and AVID July sales data, the Geely Philippines renders a total of 263 Coolray units sold, with it retaining its position as the top-selling subcompact crossover. Notably, these figures have overtaken its highest record attained last June, which equates to a total of 154 units.

After its entry to the Philippine market in less than a year, the brand also achieved another milestone, with it being able to surpass its 1,000th Coolray release mark in July. Moreover, Geely was recognized for having the top 9 rankings in passenger vehicle sales, rendering a total of 292 sales for a 1.3 percent market share. This goes to show that many Filipinos are starting to love and trust the Geely brand.

The numbers speak for itself. As the Coolray sets good vehicle quality and standards, we are confident that the good market reception that we’re getting for Coolray will also transcend to the other models like the Azkarra and the others that will be introduced after it.

In the global scope, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group was once again listed in the Fortune Global 500 for the 9th consecutive year this 2020, wherein the brand earned the 243rd spot out of the other 500 corporations worldwide. This is after it reached a hefty US$47.886 billion in revenue last 2019.

The Geely and Volvo partnership has generated quite a success over the past decade through integrated development. This collaboration between two brands went from being questionable to being admired. In fact, top business schools around the world, such as Harvard, CEIBS, Lyon, Peking, Tsinghua, Zhejiang, Fudan, and others conducted a fundamental case study with regard to this strong partnership.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Geely Philippines is indeed proud of dominating the subcompact crossover market. As these numbers do not only speak of good sales, rather it also shows that more Filipinos are beginning to trust the Geely brand and what it could offer. 

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