Topaz Road Cracks

Motorists, be advised. A portion of Topaz Road in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, has been temporarily closed off due to a road cracking incident.

If you're passing by the area, keep in mind that changes in traffic are possible due to the road closure. To avoid any inconvenience, consider using alternative routes like the Skyway and other expressways.

The exact cause of the cracks is still unknown. After heavy rainfall poured in the area this past Sunday, fissures as deep as 10 feet have started appearing along the Ortigas business district. The damage reportedly spanned over 160 feet across Topaz Road in Barangay San Antonio.

Some have theorized that water pressure may have played a part in the incident. Jun Sistoso, chairman of the Barangay's disaster council, claimed that the water pressure was so strong that a manhole cover was even lifted off the ground. The pressure may have affected the cemented road as well, causing cracks to appear along the street. 

To prevent motorists from plying the area, Pasig City officials have opted to place barricades from Opal Road to Garnet Road. Officials have covered the cracked areas with tarpaulin and sandbags to prevent further damage. First responders have also placed monitoring instruments in the area to watch how the road will change in the coming days.

A nearby construction site has also stopped operations to avoid any further incidents related to the cracks. Condominium residents along Topaz Road have been advised to stay ready in case the cracks worsen. Pasig City officials will reportedly convene on Monday to discuss solutions.

In light of the incident, the public has been assured that fault lines were not the cause of the cracks. Renato Solidum, director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), said there are no fault lines in the vicinity of the incident, so there appears to be no immediate danger of any earthquakes or other seismic events within the area.

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