Toyota Supra

It’s still so surreal. With the Philippines being a relative backwater for high-end cars, Toyota Motor Philippines is giving the motoring public the most anticipated model since the 86. With a launch event happening on July 9, 2019, we cannot deny that our team and the rest of the country is writhing in anticipation for the newest rear-wheel-drive, twin scroll turbo, straight-six, two-door whose model name needs no introduction – or does it? 

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for the Mark V Toyota Supra. After a river of drool long enough to rival the Nile, we can finally confirm that the most hotly anticipated car in the global Toyota lineup is officially coming here to the Philippines. 

Supra Engine

Months of teasing have finally come into fruition. While other South-East Asian markets already received the Supra, we were left to speculate on when we’d be getting the coveted car. In a surprise turn of events, during the 2019 Vios Racing Festival, Toyota surprised everyone by briefly displaying the Toyota Supra in the pits of the Clark International Speedway. We were able to get a few shots before the vehicle was rolled away a while later. 

The model marks a collaboration between the Japanese and the Germans, so it’s no small coincidence that the Z4’s launch is within a month of its Japanese counterpart. The Z4 was revealed in tandem with the new 3-series, and both of them have the same six cylinders popping under their hoods. Small coincidence or serendipity? Either way, we’re quaking at the opportunity to have both of these units put side-by-side in a comparo. 

We also cannot wait to see what people will do with the “modder-friendly” mentality that Toyota has designed into every nook and cranny of this model. The company has not yet divulged specifications and engine options that will be available here. If the unit that was showcased at Clark were any indication, then we can confirm that the straight-six, twin-turbo variant is part of the lineup here. It is still unknown whether the four-cylinder turbo model will make an appearance anytime soon. Patience, as they say. 

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