Waze for Apple CarPlay

In May 2018, Waze announced its integration with the Ford’s SYNC 3 system. From that moment, Ford users enjoyed safe navigation in its Ford cars Good news to all Filipino Waze app users and those who have an Apple CarPlay-compatible car, Waze can now be downloaded as a third-party application making it one of the first navigation apps on the said platform.

Now that Waze is supported by Apple CarPlay, the hassles of mounting your phone on the dashboard and using it as your Waze screen has already become part of the past. Car entertainment system compatible to the CarPlay platform may now project the actual Waze screen by simply plugging in your phone using a USB.

“We’re excited to bring the power of the Waze community right into drivers’ car consoles with Apple CarPlay. This enables us to bring to life one of our users’ most requested integrations, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Waze app on the larger Apple CarPlay display.”

Apart from the launch of the Waze up on Apple CarPlay, the company also announced the launch of the Waze Audio Player. Yes, you may now stream your favorite music without having to transfer from the navigation app to your preferred music player. This is a big plus for safety as you won’t need to sacrifice part of your focus on the road to just play the hottest tracks on your playlist.

With the Waze Audio Player, Waze app users may easily play music on the app itself from the eight audio partners, namely Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, NPR, Pandora, Scribd, and TuneIn. It wouldn’t be a generic music player as, according to Waze’s Head of Global Partnerships Adam Fried, these apps may be able to create a personalized listening experience integrated in the Waze Audio Player. Even better, right?

To use the Waze Audio Player on Apple CarPlay, simply tap the pink note icon on the upper right corner of your map. If you couldn’t find any, it means you need to update your app and reload it on screen. Once you already tapped the icon, a drop-down window of the music player partners will appear, where you’ll be able to select which one you prefer. From there, you may then easily control your audio content through your center console multimedia screen.

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