Weltmeister W5

The EV market is rife with a myriad of competitors and models, and one of those players in the arena is Weltmeister. The brand is relatively new and out to make a name for itself for the rest of the world, but WM Philippines (WMPH) recently acquired the distributorship to the Chinese EV brand, which could perhaps spark the electric revolution into overdrive for the country. 

Brands like Nissan have already taken the EV plunge with the LEAF, and there are a few other electric models that are slicking around the city, but not enough to say that electrification is totally underway. 

WMPH now has exclusive distributorship rights to the Weltmeister brand in the country. The agreement was signed via a Zoom meeting last February 11, 2022, between executives of WM Motor Asia-Pacific (WMAP), and WM Motor Philippines. Mr. Yedi Sondhy, CEO of WMAP and Mr. Rashid Delgado of WMPH, both pictured, both signed the agreement with the WM Motor International Director, Board of Commissioner, and Shareholder, Mr. Huang Qinglai, and the Chairman and Founder of WM Asia Pacific., Mr. Sri Hascaryo present during the call. 

The agreement marks the first distributorship agreement inked outside of the Chinese market. Expect the first dealership of WMPH at 7NEO, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig in the second quarter of 2022. 

“The adoption of EVs has been an ongoing trend mostly seen in developed countries like Norway, the US, and China. We are excited to see the Philippines take this path and embrace the benefits of a more sustainable mobility solution.”

According to the press release, the company will also first launch the Weltmeister W5, a compact crossover with a full EV powertrain. Following this model, the brand could go on to compete in the MPV and SUV segments. Early adopters of EVs could find real use for EVs in the country, and with the Philippines being more inclusive of electric vehicles, Weltmeister could very well be one of the only EV-only manufacturers in the country as early as now. Only time will tell how good its models will do while the country is still in an early transitional stage of electrification. 

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