Street race

Street racing is never, in any form, a legal activity. What more if it’s done in a busy city street? If you think it’s cool, then please think again because it’s just plain unacceptable. In the dashcam footage below, you will witness how horrible the Ford Mustang crashed and damaged the things in its way. This should be a reminder to every driver to always keep proper etiquette on the road.

While watching this video, you can’t help but cringe and be anxious on every swerve and screeches the Mustang is making. As you can see, the Ford Mustang drives crazily fast, rushing pass through four red lights, which makes you wonder why no one’s taking an action to this matter. When the Mustang got to the intersection the driver has to get its way on the traffic. The Mustang shoots hastily, skipping more stop lights. The sports car managed to avoid hitting a pedestrian crossing the road, but this heart-racing scenario did not stop the Mustang to show off and accelerate even more at high speed to take over the bus.

A twist of fate happened when the Mustang turns sharply to avoid the scooter in front, crashing the fence in the process. The driver then loses its control, causing the Mustang to spin. This whirl of events cut down a tree and wiped out a parked motorbike on the sidewalk due to the strong impact.

Based on the description of the video, the Mustang was racing with a Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 and both cars were driving at the speed of 177 km per hour in the section of Seoul, where it has a speed limit of 60 km per hour only. It’s like these two drivers are trying to turn reality in a video game, but no. The thing is, it doesn’t only involve your life but also the lives of the people around you. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, or else, it would have turned into a nightmare.

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