GAC GA8 interior and cargo space review

If there’s one thing that highlights the GAC GA8 apart from its exterior design, it has got to be the interior. Beyond the beige leather and wooden trims found all throughout the cabin lies comfort and convenience far different than your average Chinese car. In fact, the GA8 isn’t just your typical Chinese sedan, as it is being marketed as an executive sedan. In context, it’s only logical to find upmarket features and perks as soon as you step inside.

As read in my general review of the GA8, the European-inspired exterior beauty could be seen complemented by a touch of class in the cabin. In this in-depth review, we’re going to dive deeper into its cabin offerings and cargo room.

Since the GA8 is a car designed to coincide with an executive lifestyle, GAC made sure that the cabin is able to convey premium-level comfort. This is highly noticeable not just on the seat material, but even more so on the dashboard and door panels. I also like how the beige and dark brown color palette seals the overall luxury cabin experience.

Along with the dashboard is a wing-shape faux wood trim that divides it in two. The upper section features black leather with gray stitching. This section is where the instrument cluster, floating head unit, and outer air-conditioning vents are located. The lower section holds the control buttons, push ignition, and glovebox. Despite the premium feel, I found the steering wheel design a bit odd and old-fashioned, as it features a bulky centerpiece and a piano black plastic top rim.

The seats feature a diamond stitching pattern, which I personally like as it looks vintage. The same pattern can also be found on the backrest and door panels. Other things that stood out are the stainless-like speaker lid, the anodized silver inside door handles, and the GA8 emblem on the center of the dash.

Aside from the aesthetics, the GA8’s cabin also highlights great comfort with considerable legroom and convenient power features. Even when the front seat is pushed further back, legroom at the rear is still surprisingly huge. To give you an idea, a colleague with a height of 5’9” was able to slouch with ease. There are memory front seats, including the passenger seat, and both are fully electronic. Tri-zone automatic climate control is fitted to ensure maximum comfort in the driver, passenger, and rear passenger zones.

2019 GAC GA8 interior review

The GAC GA8 exceeded my expectations when it comes to its cargo space. On paper, the car is expected to carry up to 500 liters of luggage. In actual application, I was able to fit in four large knapsacks, a large duffle bag, a box of groceries, and two boxes of beers with 10 bottles each.

Despite all of the items, there was still enough room for more extra stuff, which I say is great if you’re planning for a weekend-long vacation. The cargo area is accessible via a small door if you unfold the rear seat cupholders. I advise you to put the snack bag first when loading your stuff. That way, rear passengers will be able to access snacks without having to pull over.

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