Best cars for women

Women are like the bursting colors in the rainbow – we have unique traits, distinct styles, and individual preferences. These factors play a huge role in the choices we make, including the decisions when shopping for a car. Since the car, like clothes and shoes, reflects our status and personality, women tend to be meticulous.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, we listed eight cars that match different personalities of a woman. Raise your fleek eyebrow if you’re one of them.

Chevrolet Trax

The Practical

Moms can be some kind of loud monsters when mad but guaranteed that they only want what’s best for their children. They always think of what makes the tiny tots happy, what makes them comfortable, what makes them safe – all for their kid’s sake. Mother’s instinct, it is.

So for moms, Chevrolet Trax is the best match. Good thing, this crossover is not that pricey compared to other cars, yet it won’t disappoint you as it is packed with safety features, which includes six airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchors and other technologies that secure your children while on the road. Priorities.

Hyundai Accent Hatchback

The Human Calculator

These women are thrifty and wise. They normally calculate the overall cost and think countless times before spending the money; weighing the pros and cons and discerning whether the purchase is a want or a need. Well, these women go for a car model that consumes less fuel.

In this case, the South Korean brand Hyundai’s Accent hatchback, that led the Autodeal’s Top 5 most fuel-efficient cars last year, would be a perfect choice. With only 22.7 km/l recorded on the instrument cluster, it deserves finger hearts, don’t you think?

The Head-Turner

These women are fashionable and chic. They consider the color, the exterior, and the overall aesthetics of the car. As long as it exudes charisma and oozes appeal, price is not a concern.

With its premium retractable hardtop, the 2-seater Mazda MX-5 would do the job of catching attention. This convertible delivers a combination of luxury and style. For something cute, this kind of women go for the mint-colored Chevrolet Spark or bright yellow Nissan Juke.

The Social Butterfly

Here’s to everyone’s friend. These women say yes to every invite for late night gimmicks, and hangs with friends every weekend, because being left out on latest chismis is a big no-no.

The 7-seater Honda BR-V or the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is perfect for these chummy gals. Getting your barkada all together in one car might spell ‘chaos and loud’ but hey, it’s economically better as they can chip in for fuel expenses, toll fees, and parking. Plus, they can keep you awake when driving. Bingo!

The Bucket list Checkers

Shout-out to the soul searchers and adventurous type of women. They love to embrace thrills, and live an active lifestyle. Keeping in mind the popular philosophy, YOLO (yes, You Only Live Once) pushes these women to try new things. They drive away to search for undiscovered beaches, surf on gigantic waves, exercise joints while mountain climbing, joins triathlon competitions, or do anything that make them feel the adrenaline rush.

A great 4-wheeled buddy, you ask? The Subaru Forester and BMW X3 could be the ideal partner for all these life experiences. Both models have tough appearances, these cars offer great driving response and agility that can conquer challenging roads, and tackle almost any terrain.These also have spacious cargo space for additional equipments, which is perfect for outdoor and off-road adventures.

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