Best Car Warranties in the Philippines

Cars come with a 3-year warranty at the very least, but there are some brands and companies that give you a better aftersales deal. Warranties that are plenty long with even some freebies to boot. 

So to guide you to the best warranty deal along with a great car deal, here are the best warranties in the Philippines. The criteria we’re setting for this list is the length of the warranty and the accompanying service plans and other additions that come without availing of any add-ons. 

Mazda3 Front Grille Badge

We’re kicking off the list with one of the best warranties and aftersales packages that you can get in the Philippines, and that is Mazda’s warranty and service program. Not only do you get a pretty sizeable 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty, to add to the Mazda experience. You will get this VIP treatment regardless of what Mazda you buy. So if you splurge for a Mazda2 or even the gargantuan Mazda CX-9, you’ll be well-taken care of thanks to the 5-year free service plan, which is linked to the vehicle and transferrable if you sell, or buy a second-hand model. 

In terms of length, 5-years is a great place to be in for most brands. It’s pretty much the life of most cars usually. After the 5-year mark, that’s when you may consider upgrading or selling your current vehicle to buy a new one. Brands like Maxus, Chevrolet, and SsangYong, all come with lengthy warranty periods and a pretty good amount of kilometers to go with it. 

Chevrolet vehicles are known to be quite robust as it is. Take the Trailblazer 7-seat SUV or the Colorado midsize pickup truck. Then you have their smaller offerings in the mix as well. Though, added peace of mind is still added peace of mind. 

Maxus, meanwhile, has a sterling reputation as a British-origin brand. With roots in England and with its vehicles seeing use around the world, it’s tough not to see why the Ayala Corporation would back such a marque. They believe in Maxus vehicles quite a bit and bundle them with a hefty warranty. So whether you’re on the road in a T60 pickup or a G50 MPV, you’re in good hands. 

SsangYong is a South Korean brand that now specializes in SUVs and crossovers. In their lineup, they hold one of the only contenders in the 7-seat midsize SUV arena, the SsangYong Rexton. With premium touches and interiors, it is only fitting that SsangYong cars come with a lengthy and robust warranty as luxurious and equipped as its vehicles. 

MG 5 Front Badge

The sister brand to The Covenant Car Company Incorporated’s (TCCCI) Chevy, MG is a brand of British origins that took the Philippines by surprise with its affordable MG ZS subcompact crossover. MG may have the same length and mileage as Chevy warranties, however, you get a free 1-year periodic maintenance service, which definitely is a great bonus on top of the lengthy warranty period. It’s great to see that MG believes in its products and bundles a long warranty and a service plan to boot. 

An interesting trio rounds out the 5-year-150,000-kilometer club. All three brands are new to the Philippine market and are looking to prove themselves with products that look good and drive good. 

Changan is Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.’s (HARI) brand. HARI is no stranger to proving itself with consumers, and they’re taking the Changan brand to the Philippines through Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) and bundling every car sold with a 5-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty, which is one of the best in the business as far as length goes. Though Changan is still an unproven brand in the country, we’re optimistic that under competent management, it could flourish like the other brands grouped with it on this list. Bringing in new additions to the market like the Alsvin, CS35 Plus, CS75 Plus, CS95, and Eado EV460, the lineup looks good, and that warranty inspires a bit of confidence.

GAC, meanwhile, is a rather-established brand in the Philippines, making headway with a lot of models that cater to a more premium price point for a Chinese-made car. The GS8 is the flagship crossover, GA8 is the flagship sedan and the GM8 is the luxury minivan. Good quality mixed with a good warranty is only part of the battle to win consumers. Perhaps the only other qualm with their cars would be the rather steep price tag accompanying the models. Either way, any GAC gets a long warranty regardless of if it’s the most affordable model or the most expensive one. 

Geely is a new brand with a very enticing value proposition with its cars. Thanks to the quality of its vehicles and the features that accompany them, the brand was able to carve a path in the Philippine market and make a name for itself with consumers. As with other young brands, it makes sense for Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) to give consumers the peace of mind to buy a Geely vehicle with the long warranty that its cars come with. Blazing a trail with the exciting-to-drive Coolray, all the way to the 7-seater Geely Okavango, Geely doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and could continue to get more and more traction as time progresses. 

Kia Stinger Front Emblem

A South Korean brand with European influence, Kia vehicles are built well and warrantied better. 5 years is a long amount of time, while 160,000 kilometers is even better. From the most affordable Kia Picanto or Soluto to the most expensive and exciting Kia Stinger, all of these cars are backed with a hefty amount of aftersales support. Considering the quality of a Kia vehicle, it’s no surprise that the Ayala corporation believes in its vehicles that much. 

BMW 5 Series Rear Badge

The only premium brand in the list, BMW, even under BMW Motorrad, gets a substantial 5-year, 200,000-kilometer warranty that is also transferable in addition to being comprehensive. Being transferable means that you’re able to sell the vehicle to another party and they get to reap the remaining years of coverage. Though other brands may also give you a transferability clause, BMW makes this policy in the warranty known.

Hyundai Badge

One of the lengthiest warranties that you can get in the Philippines is under Hyundai Philippines. However, as the South Korean brand has undergone a change in management, the warranty has been tweaked a bit to cover 200,000 kilometers instead of the previous unlimited mileage warranty. With that being said, your Hyundai Venue, or your Hyundai Santa Fe is in good hands with the policy in place, but any Hyundai is covered by this policy so take your pick. 

Chery Tiggo 5X Emblem

The longest and most comprehensive warranty in the Philippines is under United Asia Automotive Group, Inc.’s (UAAGI) Chery brand. Chery Auto is back after a few years and is under new management. With a new lineup of crossovers, the marque wants to tell everyone that they mean business and are serious about the Philippine market and the satisfaction of its customers. Chery updated their warranty coverage to 7 years/ 200,000km for the Tiggo Pro 8 as it is their newest model. The rest of the Tiggo lineup still gets the 5-year/150,000-km bumper-to-bumper general vehicle warranty, 3-year free Preventive Maintenance Service, and 3-year free Roadside Assistance for all Chery models. This is on top of its 10-year or 1 million-km engine warranty.

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