Cars that were gone too soon

It’s true that all things will eventually come to an end. However, there is no denying to the fact that there are things that are gone a little too early – like some cars. While most people are lucky that certain nameplates were continued down to their current generation, a few were left in despair for the early passing of some great models.

Well, allow us to re-open the windows of the past and grieve over the stone tablets of cars that were gone too soon. You might want to grab a tissue box because things could get sentimental.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 

No, the Eclipse is not a crossover SUV; it simply is not a utility vehicle – it will forever be a coupe in our hearts.

Toyota Supra 

All we want to do is to drive it "O'Connor"-style. You know, that iconic orange one in The Fast and the Furious movie. Didn't we all just fall in love with that for quite some time?

Mazda RX-7 

Wankel rotary engine and pop-up headlamps – how cool is that? No wonder it's Dom Toretto's first choice before he earned the muscle reputation with the 1970 Challenger.

Honda S2000 

Okay, we still have the Miata and we're grateful that we do, but where's Honda's S2000? Seriously, Honda needs to revive this model – hope the rumor is true.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 

Another casualty for Mitsubishi is the performance car-turned-SUV that has successfully conquered a number of rally races. Why? Just why, Mitsubishi?

Toyota MR2 

Aside from being a rear-wheel drive, a roadster, and a Toyota, the MR2 is a mid-engine performance car that we wish to get a next generation model. Dear, Toyota...

It sure would be exciting to hear upcoming new generations of these nameplates, as they have been a great part of their maker's rich and colorful history. For the mean time, let's travel back in time where these precious gems were enjoying their rockstar days. But first...

DeLorean DMC-12

...let’s go back to the future, shall we?

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