Interbrand names the Best Global Automotive Brands of 2015

Every year, consultancy firm Interbrand publishes a list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. Apple and Google has topped the charts for 3 years in a row now, but what piques our interest are the 14 automotive marques that made it into the final tally.

The highest scorer is Toyota (No. 6) that's valued at $49.049-million, followed by BMW (No. 11) at $37.212-billion and Mercedes-Benz (No. 12) at $36.711-billion to round up the Top 3. Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the list is MINI (No. 98) who's making its debut appearance this year.

Also worth mentioning is Nissan after they were commended by Interbrand as one of the Top Risers of 2015. Valued at $9.082-billion, the Japanese automaker moved up from No. 56 in 2014 to No. 49 in 2015. That amounts to a 19% increase making them the fastest-rising automotive brand in this year's study. To give you some perspective, the other non-automotive Top Risers are Facebook (No. 23, +54%), Apple (No. 1, +43%), Amazon (No. 10, +29%), and Hermès (No. 41, +22%).

Sadly, Volkswagen (No. 35) is the only car brand to record a decrease in value pegged at -9%. 

The other 8 car manufacturers listed are Honda (No. 19), Ford (No. 38), Hyundai (No. 39), Audi (No. 44), Porsche (No. 56), Kia (No. 74), Chevrolet (No. 85), and Land Rover (No. 87). See the complete table below:

In case you're wondering, Interbrand's Best Global Brands report is based on how a brand benefits an organization. Examples are the financial performance on the brand's products and services, role the brand plays in influencing customer choices, and strength of the brand has to command a premium price.

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