Suzuki Ciaz

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) touts its Suzuki Ciaz subcompact sedan as one of the prime choices for transport network vehicle service (TNVS) ecosystem. Drivers and commuters would find that ride sharing continues to be one of the solutions to the traffic in the Metro

The Suzuki Ciaz offers fuel efficiency, space, and comfort for the driver and passengers. Performance is not lacking, thanks to the K14B engine from Suzuki. The 1.4L mill promises to return reliable performance, and is a great partner whether used for ride-sharing or personal use. The Ciaz’s lightweight and aerodynamic body paired with the engine make for enhanced fuel economy. The roomy and ergonomically designed interior ensures that a comfortable ride for both the driver and the passenger is achieved. 

Suzuki Ciaz

To keep the occupants entertained, a multimedia head unit, capable of wireless connectivity, adorns the center to provide a superior infotainment experience. The system can run popular applications, such as Waze, to help in navigating unfamiliar routes and new areas. 

Space in the trunk is plenty. Taking large pieces of luggage, or even a few boxes are no problem for this little subcompact. The cabin luggage capacity, according to Suzuki, is at 495 liters. This is enough to fit bags and boxes for travel or enough for groceries and supplies.

Suzuki CIaz
I got high ratings because of the comfort that the Suzuki Ciaz gives. Economy wise, for this kind of job, this is really far from the fuel consumption from the other cars that I have owned before.

Suzuki is putting the Ciaz front and center for TNVS drivers. The brand wants to let its customers know that there is a free PMS that awaits prospective Ciaz owners. The purchase of this subcompact from Suzuki will come with either a one-year free PMS or a free 20,000 mileage service. This is valid from the release date of the vehicle, all the way until August 30, 2020. All dealerships will support and recognize this promotion from Suzuki.The GL MT, GL AT, and the Premium GLX are the variants covered. These variants will also come with free labor from any of the dealerships

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