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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Review - Behind the Wheel

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor; the hype is definitely real.

Caco climbs into the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor for this episode of Behind the Wheel. Watch this absolute beast rip around on the trail in all its 4x4 glory. Get awestruck as the Fox suspension keeps this monster of a truck gliding over any surface as if it were freshly paved asphalt. 

Let’s not beat around the bush, The Ford Ranger Raptor is a stunning piece of equipment. With an engine that holds just enough displacement to fill two cartons of milk, the 2.0L is supplemented by a bi-turbo setup; one for every liter of displacement. This means that it may be just a two liter, but it punches way above its weight with 500Nm of torque. With 210 horses under the hood, you will be having fun and being economical, because – surprise – it is a diesel engine. 

If the engine wasn’t enough to stir up your excitement, you may need to put your phone into panoramic mode for this one, because it is wider than a Ranger Wildtrak. We take you on a trip around the interior and around the body of this handsome pickup. 

We get down and dirty, and get in depth with the quirks and features. It can be a family vehicle that would even allow a child to close its rear tailgate, a feat that only an adult would be able to do without Ford’s clever assisted system. 

We cannot stress enough how good this truck actually is, and at P1,998,000, it might as well be a bargain. Able to transition seamlessly from the trail to the city, it’s an all-in-one vehicle that you can hoon on the weekends, take the kids to school, and probably do a few errands here and there for your job. Get one now, because “this thing moves like a hot stepper”. 

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